Snee undergoes hip surgery

INDIANAPOLIS -- Chris Snee underwent surgery on his hip as planned earlier this week according to sources.

The right guard planned to have surgery on his ailing hip a few weeks after the Pro Bowl. Snee played with pain in his hip toward the end of the season but could not pass up on an opportunity to play in the Pro Bowl. He said his injury had "quieted down" enough after the season for him to play but he still required surgery for this upcoming season.

Snee, who recently turned 31, will be entering his 10th season and has missed only six starts in his career. Snee recently told Giants.com that he and his wife, Kate, have been contemplating his future.

"It started after the Super Bowl last year," Snee said last month. "That was when I physically felt shot. I said, 'If I went through that again, I would be done.' This year, it was just the hip; I got rolled up on. It was actually someone falling onto the back of my leg that did the damage. Other than that, I kept myself in great shape and, physically, I felt better than I have in two or three years.

"That being said, I’m getting older. And you can’t do the same things you could four or five years ago. If you’re looking for the same player I was when I was 26, you’re not going to find anyone who -- I’m 31 -- can do what they could do when they were 26. Do I still think of myself as one of the top guards? Yes, I do."

Snee said he's not ready to retire yet.

"That’s all you can focus on," he said. "I sat down with my wife after this year and decided if I wanted to do it again. It’s a grind. There’s a lot that goes into it mentally and physically, but I couldn't see myself walking away just yet."