Nicks and Baas undergo procedures

INDIANAPOLIS -- Wide receiver Hakeem Nicks underwent an arthroscopic procedure on his left knee.

Nicks battled through a left knee injury and pain in his surgically repaired foot last season, which had a major impact on the Giants' offense.

"(Nicks is) good, saw him the other day," Coughlin said. "Eyes are big and bright again. He had a scope just to look (the knee) over."

Center David Baas, who also battled through hip, shoulder and neck injuries this past season, also underwent surgery in the offseason. Coughlin would only say the center "had a little surgery." When asked of what nature, Coughlin replied, "on his body." A source said Baas had the procedure done to multiple areas of his body.

As for Chris Snee, Coughlin expects his right guard to make "a full recovery" from hip surgery he underwent earlier this week. Snee may have to be brought along slowly in training camp as a precaution.

"I don’t know if there’s a timetable," Coughlin said. "He’s in competition with some other guys telling them, ‘I’m going to get back faster than you are.’ He’ll be back as fast as he can. I don’t know if he’ll do a whole lot in the spring."