Beatty's cap-friendly contract

Offensive tackle Will Beatty's new 5-year contract won't hamstring the Giants this season. AP Photo/Greg Trott

The Giants didn't break the bank in re-signing Will Beatty to a five-year deal worth up to $38.75 million.

And they managed to re-sign their starting left tackle to a deal that won't hamstring their cap this season as well.

According to the NFL Players Association website, Beatty's base salary for this season is $1 million. Beatty's cap number for this season will be $3.55 million according to the Daily News and Star-Ledger. Beatty will be guaranteed $19 million of the contract, which included a $12.5 million signing bonus.

The reported numbers for Beatty's contract spread out like this:

2013: $1 million salary/$3.55 million cap number

2014: $4.85 million salary/$7.4 million cap number

2015: $5.5 million salary/$8.05 million cap number

2016: $6.625 million salary/$9.175 million cap number

2017: $6.775 million salary/$9.325 million cap number

Beatty's low cap number this season will help since the Giants likely still have some more maneuvering to do in order to try and re-sign free agents Kevin Boothe and Martellus Bennett, and restricted free agents like Victor Cruz, Stevie Brown and Andre Brown. The salary cap for 2013 has yet to be set, but the Giants reportedly are slightly below the projected cap of $122-to-$123 million.