Coughlin hopes NYG success helps others

Tom Coughlin discusses organization, structure, discipline and punctuality in his new book. Kirby Lee/Image of Sport/US Presswire

After seeing how his team came together as one focused unit during the 2011 Super Bowl run, Tom Coughlin thought that he should share what made the Giants so successful with the public.

But the Giants head coach wants everyone to know that his new book -- "Earn The Right To Win: How Success in Any Field Starts with Superior Preparation" –- isn’t a football book.

The coach wants his book to help people in all avenues of life.

“When we did win, I thought we should share this because there are people out there that can really benefit from this,” Coughlin said on Tuesday at FOX News before appearing on “The O’Reilly Factor.” “And when we looked at this fast-paced world that we live in, and what appears to me so many corners are getting cut and so many outlandish things taking place that are unheard of if you will, that some old fashioned values, some old-fashioned virtues, these things should be shared with others.

“I’m talking basically about organization, structure, discipline and punctuality.”

Coughlin believes the principles he has long followed and has his team and coaches abide by can help people whether they are aspiring coaches or mothers juggling a job and their children’s busy afterschool schedules and activities.

And Coughlin hopes that some old-fashioned values can make a comeback in a world that has endured tragedies like Newtown and financial debacles on Wall Street.

“The way in which you see our country and the things that have happened in our country, the incredible Newtown story, the rise and fall of these major industries on Wall Street that affected everybody and took the economy down,” Coughlin said. “Where’s the integrity? Where’s the honesty? Where’s the thinking about more than just yourself in terms of the things that have happened.”

“I just think that referring to some of these admittedly old fashioned principles… people that are frustrated, people that see themselves in a greater capacity and have some belief in themselves, have some hope, this will help them.”

As for Coughlin, he’s always looking to self-improve. He spends much of his free time reading about other leaders in history in hopes of picking up a thing or two that he can apply to this year’s Giants team.

“I always read about Coach Lombardi, about Coach Wooden, about all our presidents and the great generals,” Coughlin said. “I recently finished a book on Gen. Marshall. As you try to continue to educate yourself and learn more so that you can use that to motivate your coaching staff and team, I would think that people who are looking at themselves with hopes of escalating their own careers would be interested in doing the same with this book.”