Coughlin laughs it up on 'Daily Show'

The Tom Coughlin book tour made a stop to spend some time with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" last night.

As expected, Stewart got Coughlin to show a more light-hearted side of him as the coach laughed several times while promoting his new book, “Earn The Right To Win: How Success In Any Field Starts With Superior Preparation."

The book is centered around Coughlin's main principles of how to lead a football team and how to lead in life. One of his biggest concepts focuses on preparation.

Stewart asked Coughlin what happens when a player says he doesn't feeling like preparing on a certain day.

"That does happen once in a while but normally you got to have your finger on the pulse of the football team and you surround yourself with enough good people -- Chris Snee is in the audience tonight -- that helps," Coughlin said with a chuckle.

Stewart then said how it is a good thing to have a good football player like Snee, Coughlin's son-in-law, marry into the Coughlin family. The host asked Coughlin what would happen if a bad player wanted to marry into the family.

"He doesn’t get into the family if he is a bad football player," Coughlin said laughing.

Stewart recounted how he attended one Giants game and was able to come down to the locker room to listen to Coughlin's post-game message to the team. Stewart said he wondered just how long it took Coughlin to get used to speaking and trying to motivate men in their underwear.

"it took a number of years," Coughlin chuckled. "You got to come to more games. We got 52 points (against New Orleans) the day you came."

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