"My Fantasy" mailbag

Welcome to this week’s edition of “My Fantasy.” Since the Giants are on bye, we don’t have a breakdown of the Giants this week but we still have a lot of questions to answer in the mailbag.

@JarrettSM: Steve Johnson or Miles Austin? Marshawn Lynch or Cedric Benson? Tom Brady or Carson Palmer and Lynch or Jahvid Best?

@NotoriousOHM: I really like the Cowboys this week against Jacksonville and I like Austin even if Jon Kitna is now his quarterback. Even if the Cowboys try to run the ball more, I still like Austin to get a touchdown. And I like Lynch a lot this week as well against the Raiders defense. As for your quarterback, I’d go with Brady. As for Lynch vs Best, I’d go with Best in PPR. If not, I’d take my chances with Lynch.

@EB1765: Chad Ochocinco, Davone Bess or Jabar Gaffney? And with Troy Smith at quarterback for San Francisco in UK, do I play Kellen Winslow or Vernon Davis at tight end? Also, my flex spots, Felix Jones, Mike Wallace or Brandon Lloyd? I’m thinking Wallace. I don’t know about Lloyd in UK and I kind of like Jones vs Jacksonville.

@NotoriousOHM: Dude, do you just want me to run your entire team? Just give me your login and password. LOL. I like Bess out of those three. I think Ocho will be just fine. But if you are in a PPR, Bess is a great option. Cincinnati let Roddy White destroy them last week. It could be a lot of Brandon Marshall but Bess gets catches. Despite Smith starting, I still like Vernon Davis. Smith could rely on Davis a ton. At flex, I like Wallace a lot but I do think Jones could have a nice day against Jacksonville. Wallace is the safer bet but Jones is bigger risk/reward.

@ChrisSca: Are Davone Bess and Mike Sims-Walker good pick-ups being that Steve Smith (NYG) and Hakeem Nicks have a bye?

@NotoriousOHM: Bess absolutely is. Especially if you are in a point-per-reception league. Sims-Walker has not lived up to expectations. He is way too inconsistent and the Jags offense is unreliable. However, with all that being said, if you are looking for a pickup for this week, Sims-Walker faces a Dallas secondary that couldn’t cover any of the Giants receivers so for this week, he is a decent option.

@Geeeeemen: Last flex spot, .5 ppr –- LeGarrette Blount, Patrick Crayton, Fred Jackson, Mike Hart (if Donald Brown is out)?

@NotoriousOHM: Well, it looks like Brown may play. And since that game is on Monday night, you likely have to make a decision before then. Since you probably can’t wait, I’d say the safest bet is Crayton. Looks like Malcom Floyd is out another week. Blount is a nice sleeper this week. Cards’ run defense is not good. But I think I’d go Crayton. Check on Floyd’s status on Sunday.

@DLEE10: Kenny Britt, Wes Welker, Marques Colston, Braylon Edwards… which three should I start?

@NotoriousOHM: Britt has been on fire so you got to stick with him. I still like Welker and Colston. I know Braylon has done well this season but if you are in a PPR, definitely go with Welker. And I think Colston will see his share of targets against the Steelers.

@folger2will: What do you think of Jon Kitna as a start this weekend? Jags secondary is weak, Cowboys WRs are talented. Good play?

@NotoriousOHM: My man Will. I love Kitna against the Jags. You are very right. Jags’ secondary is awful. Kitna did well toward the end against the Giants. With a week of reps with the first-team, he should be better. Only thing I am worried about is whether the Jaguars will not be able to stop the run since Dallas may just run a ton. But I’m starting Kitna in one of my leagues. Think he is a terrific bye week option.

@BigOlTomatoHead: Who has more fantasy value going forward: Santonio Holmes or Shonn Greene? I know this may depend on LaDainian Tomlinson’s health.

@NotoriousOHM: This definitely is dependent on LT. Since L.T. is looking good, I think Santonio has more value right now than Greene.

@mattextreme: I'm being offered Blair White and Ryan Mathews for DeSean Jackson. My WR depth is Terrell Owens, both Mike Williams, Megatron Calvin Johnson, Austin Collie.

@NotoriousOHM: I don’t know how many receivers you can start and I don’t know who your running backs are. To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t make that deal. I know you are stacked at WR. But White only has value with Collie being out. And we don’t know how long Collie is out. And Anthony Gonzalez may finally take off and do well in Collie’s absence which would take away from White. As for Mathews, he has been a major disappointment thus far. Mike Tolbert steals carries and touchdowns. I’d keep DeSean.

@schrack_adam: If I can get Shonn Greene and Anquan Boldin for Miles Austin, should I pull the trigger?

@NotoriousOHM: This is a pretty good deal with Boldin there. Now that Tony Romo is out, Austin will still be a solid WR1 or WR2. But I like him so much more with Romo as his quarterback. Kitna may spread the ball around. Boldin has been great with Joe Flacco and Greene gives you depth at RB and a possible stud if L.T. ever gets hurt. To me, Boldin is a hair below Austin if not on the same level fantasy-wise.

@DaveMetsGiants: Should I trade Matt Ryan for Carson Palmer and Mike Wallace? My starter is Eli Manning. Other guy's was Tony Romo. I need a QB for bye week.

@NotoriousOHM: I like Ryan more than Palmer but since you have Eli as well, I would make this deal for Wallace. I think Wallace will only get better with Big Ben back. And the one good thing about Palmer is that he will be throwing a ton this season since the Bengals always seem to be down.

@Giants1111: Dez Bryant, Mike Williams (TB) or Deion Branch? Pick one to start.

@NotoriousOHM: Love Bryant this week against the Jags’ defense. Sounds like Branch may not play so go with Williams. Even if Branch plays, still like Williams against the Cardinals.

@mbelite187: Yo Ohm, is Steve Johnson a legit weapon?

@NotoriousOHM: Can’t deny how he has done in the last few weeks. Buffalo will be down a lot this season so the Bills will be passing quite a bit. And Ryan Fitzpatrick has a definite rapport with Johnson. Doesn't hurt to pick him up.