Wilson: I expect to be fined over new rule

Add David Wilson to the growing list of those who aren't happy with the new rule that says ball carriers cannot use the crown of their helmets to deliver blows.

David Wilson

David Wilson

#22 RB
New York Giants

2012 STATS

  • Rush71
  • Yds358
  • TD4
  • Rec4
  • Yds34
  • TD1

Former Giants running back Brandon Jacobs went off on Twitter about the rule. Wilson wonders how the rule will be enforced, and he thinks he will unintentionally violate the rule and get fined.

"Leading with your helmet is something that naturally happens when you are running," Wilson said on ESPN New York 98.7 FM. "You run with a lean. Nobody runs straight up. I hope the referees will be lenient with that rule. There is a difference between a forcible blow with the crown of the helmet and a natural angle that happened to occur."

"I think some people, including myself, will probably end up with a fine because it naturally happens," he added. "Especially when you are falling or [there's a] loss of balance and a guy is coming straight at you. We will see what happens."

Former Giant Ahmad Bradshaw also wonders how running backs will be able to protect themselves.

"I think it is going to be very tough to institute," Bradshaw said on ESPN New York 98.7 FM on Wednesday. "They say the head line is the limit. I think that is terrible. That is going to be so hard to decipher if you use the top of your head or the head line. That is part of the game nowadays.

"The crown of the head, it is dangerous but just to a certain point," he continued. "As a running back, you have to protect yourself. If I see a guy coming right at me with their head down, that is the only way you can protect yourself. I am running full speed every time with the ball. I don’t get how they just expect us to stop running the way we have been doing our whole life."