Osi wants to win with Atlanta

Osi Umenyiora may be nearing a new deal soon and he hopes it is with the Atlanta Falcons.

The Falcons are making a strong push to sign Umenyiora and could try to wrap up a deal before the end of the weekend, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter on Friday.

“There was nothing better than being able to win there [in New York]," the free agent pass rusher said on Friday on Atlanta’s 92.9 The Game. "The only thing I can think of, for myself personally, [better] than being able to win in New York would be if I was able to win here at home in Atlanta. So we’ll see how that plays out. Hopefully, it will work out in a positive direction.”

Umenyiora has a home in Atlanta and has visited with the Falcons, who could use a pass rusher to replace John Abraham. Umenyiora appears to be a good fit for the Falcons.

“I live here so I just drove up there and visited with them,” Umenyiora said. “It was very good. Very productive meeting. Hopefully, things will work out."

The Falcons are trying to add pieces to reach the Super Bowl after losing in the NFC title game to San Francisco. Umenyiora saw just how good Atlanta is when the Giants were waxed, 34-0, in Atlanta late in the regular season.

“From afar, I’ve never seen a team that has this much talent, especially offensively,” Umenyiora said. “With the weapons they have out wide, a good quarterback, a good solid offensive line ... they added Steven Jackson, one of the best backs in football.

“Very talented,” he continued. “The sky is the limit. Defensively, they were very good. I think Abraham was a very good player. Obviously they released him, so he’s going to find employment elsewhere. They have all of the makings of a very good football team. They just need a couple of key pieces here and there and I think they’ll be OK.”

Umenyiora has had to wait in free agency as the market for defensive ends has been slow. But pass rushers like Dwight Freeney, Abraham and Umenyiora could find jobs very soon.

“To be honest with you it was kind of expected,” Umenyiora said of the wait. “When you have a guy like an Abraham or a Freeney or myself, obviously, we are all like 30-years-old or plus. ... Teams want to wait us out and they weren’t trying to pay $12 million a season for a pass rusher. They were just going to wait until people got desperate and then make their move. Actually, right now a lot of teams are making their moves now.”