Coughlin loves pasta, doesn't trust his GPS

Tom Coughlin sat down with Michael Kay for a taping of the YES Network's "CenterStage." Ellen Wallop/YES Network

Ever wonder what Tom Coughlin's favorite ice cream flavor is?

Or how about which Giant left the most lasting impression on him? Or which historical figure he would most want to talk to?

The New York Giants head coach revealed a lighter side of himself on a taping of an upcoming episode of "CenterStage," which will air on June 4 on YES Network.

Here are some interesting and some fun questions Michael Kay asked Coughlin, who is promoting his book, "Earn The Right To Win."

On the 2011 game against Gang Green and how much of a motivating factor was the New York Jets covering up the Giants' Super Bowl trophy murals: "I didn’t really understand that until right before game time. The players, they felt they [the Jets] disrespected the accomplishments of the New York Giants organization to cover up the Super Bowl pictures. Whether that had anything to do with anything, I don’t know.

"But I've always believed that you do not provide bulletin board material for the opposition and I have always told my team that. So when it happened the other way -- it put a little salt in the wound, if you would."

His favorite meal: "Seafood pasta."

On Judy Coughlin saying he would argue with a GPS: "I do. The GPS is not always right."

The city that has the most intense or craziest fans: "This one just a little bit south [Philadelphia] is not bad."

Individual athletes he has met who left a lasting impression: "Rich Seubert, Keenan McCardell, guys who demonstrate the complete will to win and a willingness to sacrifice to do it. Richie Seubert is an incredible example of someone who loved it so much that he overcame incredible physical obstacles –- a compound fracture of his leg. Keenan McCardell would practice with a separated shoulder."

Where he sits on the Giants' plane on a road trip: "I sit in the back, I sit with the players. I want to be back where the players are."

Whether they want him back there: "That is part of the reason why I am back there."

True or false: Jim Boeheim was his resident assistant at Syracuse: "He was, true."

On whether he thought Boeheim would be a great basketball coach: "He was a great basketball player, he had been a great player against me and when he played at Syracuse. He overcame all kinds of odds to do that. Very, very smart."

Which historical person he would like to meet: "Well, we all just watched 'Lincoln.' I would love to have an opportunity to sit down with Abraham Lincoln. I was a big Coach Lombardi fan but never got a chance to really talk to him. I would certainly like to do that. World War II, with General Marshall. General Eisenhower. I would love to have an opportunity to sit with them. And I would have liked to have met FDR and Churchill."

His favorite late night snack: "Ice cream."

Favorite flavor: "Vanilla."