Giants mailbag: Chat leftovers

We had a lengthy Giants chat last week, including the usual comments from my favorite Wolverine fans/Sparty haters.

And even though we went easily for over an hour, there were still a lot of questions I didn't get to. So I'm answering a few I didn't get to last week:

Rich (nyc): Is there any truth to the rumors that San Fran is going to offer Cruz a contract?

OHM: I suppose you should never say never but I'd be surprised if someone made an offer by the April 19 deadline because of the cost of a first-round pick and a lucrative contract.

Jay (Virginia): What are your thoughts on Hosley this year? I was excited when we drafted him and expect him to develop into a solid starting CB with good ball skills.

OHM: I think he is a tough kid with some moxie. But I think for this season, he should compete with Aaron Ross to be the third corner behind Corey Webster and Prince Amukamara. Hosley might end up as the fourth corner but that doesn't mean the Giants are down on him. Hosley could be a year away from really contributing as a starter.

Andrew (Maryland): Alec Ogletree seems like he would be a great addition the the Giants' linebacker corps. Do you think they will avoid him in the draft because of his off-the-field issues?

OHM: Hard to say. I know a lot of fans want the Giants to take him but I just wonder about a couple of things. One, the Giants don't value linebackers enough to take them in the first round. Two, if the Giants took Ogletree, would he start? The Giants don't play a lot of their rookies early and I think they are going to start Jacquian Williams, Dan Connor and Keith Rivers while moving Mathias Kiwanuka back to defensive end. Whomever the Giants take in the first round, it is likely that guy is not going to start no matter what the position. But let's think about what position the Giants can draft at 19 that could play some this year but really have the biggest impact for 2014 and beyond. To me, it's pass rusher, offensive line and cornerback. Not doubting that the Giants need a linebacker for the future. They do. But my guess is the Giants value pass rusher, OL and secondary more for the first round.

Thomas (ny): What do you think with Cruz and Nicks both getting a long-term deal done and Justin to get a deal done next year and some other key players. Is it possible to even do?

OHM: We'll find out. Jerry Reese has been very savvy with the cap thus far. But keeping both receivers to lucrative deals is tricky. That is why you haven't seen the Giants lock down Cruz yet to a long-term extension. The Giants have a certain number in mind that they want to pay Cruz and Nicks and Nicks is likely the higher price. It's possible that the Giants' don't get extensions done with the two receivers until next season. Just saying, got to be patient. As for Justin Tuck, let's see how he does this season. If he has a bounce-back season like I think he can, things could get sticky for the Giants in trying to keep all these guys. And let's remember, eventually, down the road, the Giants will have to pay Jason Pierre-Paul too. That is why drafting a pass rusher makes sense to me to get another young defensive end under contract for a few more years.