Bulluck: Randy won't be a headache for Titans

Keith Bulluck played for the Titans for ten seasons before joining the Giants in the offseason, so he knows Tennessee coach Jeff Fisher well. And Bulluck said with certainty on Thursday that Fisher won't let Randy Moss' behavior become a distraction with the Titans.

"Jeff is real smart guy. He's dealt with different types of players his whole career," Bulluck said. "Jeff, I'm sure, has a plan on top of a plan on top of a plan for anything. He's definitely not going to let Randy Moss become a distraction for his football team."

The Titans claimed Moss off of waivers after he was released by the Vikings earlier this week. Minnesota tired of Moss' act, which included professing his love for the Patriots shortly after the Vikings lost to New England last Sunday and questioning Brad Childress' decisions.

"I really don't know Randy Moss personally but I don't think he'll have a problem. That locker room is pretty easy going," Bullucksaid. "It's kind of run by the players so I don't think there will be a lot of problems.

"I know (RB Chris Johnson) is happy they can stretch the football field (with Moss) so (opposing teams) can't necessarily play nine in the box all the time. But we'll have to see how it works out," he added.

When asked if he was surprised Tennessee claimed the chronically misbehaving Moss, Bulluck quipped: "Nothing that the Tennessee Titans do surprises me. I think sometimes they do things that surprise themselves."