Insider's Giants draft guide

Eli Manning and the offense should be fine, but what about the defense? John Munson/USA TODAY Sports

With the draft just a little over a week away, we know you can't get enough of the draft and what the Giants might do.

Insider's NFL and draft experts -- Todd McShay, Mel Kiper, Chris Sprow and Gary Horton -- joined forces recently to give a breakdown of the Giants' needs, depth chart, how they did in free agency, how they tend to draft, who might be good fits in this draft and what they need to do to accomplish a successful 2013 draft.

We also have been rolling out our position-by-position Giants' draft analysis (QB and RB so far), which continues up to next week's draft, and an offense and defense/special teams draft overview as well.

So check all that out and Insider's Giants draft guide.