Notebook: Mathieu thinks Giants will pass

Tyrann Mathieu met with the New York Giants at the Senior Bowl and the combine.

He thinks the Giants are "interested." But he also believes Jerry Reese will pass on the Honey Badger.

"I think they're interested but I think they're gonna play their cards right," Mathieu said at the ESPN Pre-Draft party on Wednesday night. "I don't think they'll draft me. I don't think they're that interested. It's just my gut feeling."

The Giants certainly can use another cornerback for depth. Mathieu was also a dynamic returner -- something the Giants can use -- when he was a Heisman candidate at LSU before he was dismissed from the team.

Mathieu would also have a mentor on the Giants in Corey Webster, who has taken him under his wing already. But on the eve of the draft, Mathieu thinks the Giants will pass. Perhaps that might have to do with where he thinks he will ultimately be picked in the draft.

"I expect to go in the first round, yes I do," Mathieu said when asked if he thinks he's a first-round pick. "I think I'm a first-round talent, but I think I'll fall to the second."

Boley chatter: There was chatter at the ESPN Pre-Draft party that the Giants could potentially bring back Michael Boley. The Giants released Boley in February in a cap-clearing move.

Bringing back Boley makes sense since he knows the Giants defense and what Perry Fewell expects. Let's see what happens in the draft and if the Giants select a linebacker at some point.

RB talk: Running backs coach Jerald Ingram attended the party and he said that David Wilson and Andre Brown will compete for the starting job.

"It's open for a competition," Ingram said, repeating the team's mantra for several positions.

Ingram has liked what he has seen so far from Wilson mentally, as far as protecting Eli Manning. But the Giants will certainly want to see it on the field.

When asked about Brandon Jacobs potentially returning, Ingram said the veteran wants to return and that the Giants brass has considered it.

"He's got a strong love for the New York Giants," Ingram. "That's a decision that ownership and Jerry Reese will make a decision on in due time. I think they may have considered it. But you have some people in place right now and you want to see what they can do. But anybody who can assist us would be an added help."