Tuck: No issues with a gay teammate

Giants defensive end Justin Tuck reiterated that he would support an openly gay teammate Thursday morning at a "Blogs With Balls" and NFL Players Association panel at Google’s New York City headquarters. The panel included Tuck along with several bloggers and web editors.

The discussion turned to whether or not an NFL player would ever feel comfortable enough to be openly gay among his teammates and in public, and Tuck said he imagines he’s played with quite a few gay men already, and sexual orientation isn’t an issue for him.

"I could give a damn,” Tuck said. “... The goal is to win football games."

He said the media attention on the issue made it a bigger deal than it would be to players in the locker room. Any player who could help the Giants win football games, gay or straight, would be a welcome presence, Tuck said.

"The reaction to a gay player will be more an issue in bars and on a fan’s couch than in the locker room," Tuck said.

Tuck first tweeted his support during the Super Bowl, after the 49ers' Chris Culliver made several disparaging remarks on a radio program.