Vets Snee and Diehl ready to embrace Pugh

Chris Snee is ready to teach Justin Pugh all about the NFL.

First lesson -- get ready to pay rookie.

"Pugh, if you are reading this, get a credit card," Snee cracked to Giants.com.

One thing the Giants' latest first-round pick will be trying to do besides protect Eli Manning is take care of the veteran linemen.

While Pugh will certainly have to buy food and carry equipment from the practice field to the locker room, the rookie will also learn a wealth of wisdom from veterans like Snee, David Diehl, David Baas and Will Beatty.

"Listen, we will be there," Snee said. "We will help him with any question that he has. Despite as grumpy as I look sometimes, I’m always willing to help guys. Young guys around here know that now. That being said, he has to be on his toes because he is a rookie. He should make sure he has a credit card. We have had rookies come in here and claim they don’t have credit cards right away."

The Giants are hoping that Pugh will push the veterans for playing time and make competition that much more stiffer in camp. The one spot open for competition is right tackle where Diehl and James Brewer will compete. Tom Coughlin envisions Pugh entering the mix with a strong camp showing.

"That is part of being in the NFL –- it is about competition and competing," Diehl said. "There are always going to be new guys coming in. It definitely does bring competition and that does nothing but help your football team win games."

Snee, of course, is looking forward to making Pugh help out in other ways too.

"In my rookie year I had to buy pizza on Fridays and breakfast on Saturday," Snee said. "Now we don’t do either. But we will find ways to make sure that plastic works."