What they're saying: RB Cox

We're taking a little closer look at each draft pick and what the Giants brass is saying about the newcomers.

Seventh-round pick: RB Michael Cox, UMass

Here's our Rapid Reaction on him and here's what the Giants are saying about him:

Tom Coughlin: "Michael Cox, the good-sized running back that puts together the size and the speed. He will come in here and battle and compete. And that is what we need is competition at that spot."

Marc Ross: "Michael Cox, another guy we think is a little bit of an under-the-radar guy. If you look at his stats at UMass, they aren't that impressive, but he gets the ball and there are two guys in the backfield, he's trying to make everything on his own there. Runs hard, he's got size, he's got really, really good hands, excellent hands, got a little burst to him. We had him in for a visit, real good kid. Our coaches were impressed with him so we were happy we're getting a big, fast guy who runs hard that late in the draft."

Analysis: The Giants love guys who have tons of college production, for the most part. But for a guy who only rushed for 715 yards in 2012 at UMass and had a total of 19 carries before that at Michigan, Cox certainly caught the eyes of the Giants. They sound excited about the back they got with the second-to-last pick of the draft, and he could push Da'Rel Scott and Ryan Torain for the third-back spot. The New York Daily News also reports the Giants are going to bring in Tim Hightower for a look. So the Giants are looking to solidify that spot, whether it be with Cox, Scott or a veteran or undrafted free agent.

Tell us what you think about Cox and how the Giants' third running back spot is shaping up.