Kiper grades Giants' draft

Mel Kiper recently graded every team's draft and it appears he thinks the Giants could have done better.

Here's his explanation on how he grades based on this criteria:

• How much overall talent did a team add based on board position?

• How effectively did they address key personnel needs?

• How efficient were they in maneuvering on the draft board?

And I use my player grades as the prism. I'm well aware all NFL teams see players differently -- I might have a third-round grade on a safety many teams see as a late-round pick. That's the reality of player evaluations.

Grading Scale: In my mind an "A" means it's exceptional; a "B" is pretty good; a "C" means average, with hits and misses; a "D" means below average with some big questions. An "F" … well, I didn't have one.

Here's his grading of the Giants' draft:

Needs: C

Value: B

Overall: C+

Top needs: LB, DE, CB, OL, RB

Kiper summary: I had linebacker as a big need for them, but the Giants haven't drafted a linebacker in Round 1 since Carl Banks … in 1984. No surprise they didn't take one, but I'm pretty surprised they didn't take one at all. Justin Pugh is a pretty good player, and will start at guard. From there, the Giants fell in love with value over need in Rounds 2 in 3. In Round 2 they got Johnathan Hankins, at one time a likely Round 1 pick. Hankins runs hot and cold, but is a pretty good depth addition on the D-line. Then they got Damontre Moore, who had one of the biggest falls of the evaluation process we've seen in a few years. He had a great year, but tested out very poorly. They needed a defensive end and Moore could end up a steal. Where I question this draft is I'm pretty surprised they didn't get a corner or a linebacker. I really like Cooper Taylor, and you get a nice backup commodity in Ryan Nassib, I just hope they hold up at linebacker and on the edges. But these are smart evaluators and good coaches.

So, what do you guys think of Kiper's assessment?