What they're saying: DE Damontre Moore

We're taking a closer look at each draft pick and what the Giants' brass is saying about the newcomers.

Third-round pick: DE Damontre Moore, Texas A&M

Here's our Rapid Reaction and what the Giants are saying about him:

Marc Ross: "Some people may have gotten scared off at the combine when he ran so slow and didn't lift that well. A Terrell Suggs, a Trent Cole, a Derrick Burgess ran really slow but played fast on tape. Things off the field that people may not have been comfortable with where he just needs to grow up. He's only 20. He needs to be a professional a little bit. He's a good kid who loves to play. Those may have been a couple of reasons [why he dropped]. ... He interviewed OK for us. But when you see a guy run 4.9 when guys are running 4.5s and 4.6s, people jump all over that number as opposed to the 12.5 sacks and 21 tackles-for-loss numbers.

"[Texas A&M] had a special joker role for him. He had his hand on the ground, he stood up. Our coaches are excited to use him in different ways. You've seen some of our guys do that hybrid role. [Mathias Kiwanuka has done both]. He has a skill set to do a little bit of both. But he won’t be strictly a linebacker for us. It'll be more of a hybrid role."

Tom Coughlin: "Damontre Moore, has great production -– 12.5 sacks [and] 26.5 over his career, 21 TFLs; a very, very good effort player on Saturday [in college]. He has some issues, I think, during the week, which we will have to address in terms of preparation and practice mentality, that type of thing. But he is young, just 20 years old.

"He has outstanding quickness. You look at his 40 time and you are going to say, well, it is not what you would think. But there was a big split in those times in Indianapolis and he does play faster than the [40] time you are probably going to refer back to. But his quickness and his shuttles were outstanding. So from me to you, he is as quick as it is."

Jerry Reese: "The defensive end [Moore], he is sacks. In three years he got 26.5 sacks, had 12.5 this past season. We were a little surprised he was up there that long with his sack production, but you can't pass guys with that kind of sack production so it was a decision we made to go and go get him right there with that pick.

"I think Kiwi has a bigger frame. Their lower body is probably similar, but obviously Kiwi has been around for a while. He's definitely matured and filled out, but there could be comparisons drawn if you look at their lower body. ... The thing I like, he plays hard. Guys that play hard, you can coach them to do the rest. He plays with a nasty streak and we think he's got a tremendous upside."

Analysis: Sounds as if Moore still needs to mature mentally as well as physically, but that is fine since the Giants are one team that can afford to wait. They have Justin Tuck, Jason Pierre-Paul, Kiwanuka, Adrian Tracy, Adewale Ojomo and Justin Trattou at defensive end for this season. Moore may have to wait until 2014 to make a real impact, but he could come in and contribute on special teams and even perhaps see a few snaps as the fourth defensive end if he has a good showing in camp.

Tell us what you think about the Giants' newest defensive end and what your hopes are for "Da'Monster."