Giants stay the offseason course

Continuing our team-by-team look at Matt Williamson's offseason gradesInsider for NFC East teams, let's look at his review of the New York Giants, who got a "B-minus." Matt has looked at the Giants' activity in free agency and the draft and concluded, as we have discussed here a few times, that it's been a typical Giants offseason in many ways. They've focused on the defensive line, ignored linebacker, and stuck to their usual plan about the value they assign to certain players and positions.

The one out-of-character move was taking an offensive lineman, Justin Pugh, in the first round. But Matt believes he's a good system fit and "should be a Week 1 starter at either right tackle or guard."

Matt believes the drafting of Johnathan Hankins and Damontre Moore, along with the signings of Eagles castoffs Mike Patterson and Cullen Jenkins, will serve the Giants well in terms of critical depth on the defensive line, and he has understandable concerns about the blocking downgrade at tight end from Martellus Bennett to Brandon Myers.

In the end, I think Matt has reached the same conclusion I have about the Giants' offseason: Not much about it has been unusual, splashy or surprising, and it's hard to say whether they've improved the team, but their track record means we should wait and see and probably trust them.