Coach talk: Fewell on defense

With the Giants off until training camp, we're periodically taking a look at what the coaches are saying about how their positions looked this offseason in OTAs.

Today, we look at defensive coordinator Perry Fewell's thoughts on the defense:

Ready for the read: Fewell studied a lot of college football this offseason in an attempt to get his defense ready for the read option.

He also spent some time watching the University of Oregon offense, since former Ducks coach Chip Kelly now resides in the NFC East, with the Philadelphia Eagles.

"It's a dynamic offense," Fewell said last month. "I think the college system has kind of taken hold in the National Football League. We have a lot of quarterbacks that have the ability to run and do that, and I know that is coming into our league. It will be interesting to see."

Fewell thinks the league will adjust to the new wave that has taken the NFL by storm.

"I look at that offense kind of like the Wildcat," Fewell said. "The Wildcat took us by storm and then, until you can see it, understand it, then you can defend it."

So can the Giants "see" and understand the read option yet?

"I think we're seeing it," Fewell said. "I think we're trying to understand it. In the fall, we'll be able to defend it."

My name is Prince: Fewell says Prince Amukamara's confidence has grown since last season.

"A lot of improvement," Fewell said of what he has seen from the cornerback. "He's practiced every day and his skill set is much improved."

"I see a nice confidence in him right now," Fewell added.

Mark in the middle: Fewell loved coaching Chase Blackburn, who may have known the defense better than anyone outside of the defensive coordinator.

But now that Blackburn is gone to Carolina, Fewell has to find a new middle linebacker. Mark Herzlich started at MLB during OTAs and minicamp and is expected to start camp there as well.

"Very commanding," Fewell said of what Herzlich showed during the offseason training. "He's taken a leadership role out there and I think he has some good respect from his teammates in some of the things he's done in the OTAs. Obviously, we want to find out what happens when the pads come on."

Fewell was asked if Herzlich has as much a knowledge of the defense as Blackburn did.

"I don't know if that's a fair question for him right now because Chase was really a seasoned veteran and Mark is a veteran," Fewell said. "Not as seasoned. But I do think that Chase did a nice job in training him and he did a nice job in their communication with calls and the nuances of the defense."

How do you feel about the Giants defense going into training camp?