Cruz on deal: 'It was just a matter of time'

The contract negotiations might have been a grind, but at no point did Victor Cruz think he wouldn't be a Giant. He didn't get or entertain the idea of offers from other teams, and couldn't imagine playing far from his hometown of Paterson, N.J.

"I was in communication with my agent each and every day, every other day sometimes, and he assured me that things were moving in the right direction," the Pro Bowl wide receiver said. "There was never a time where I thought I wouldn't be a Giant. It was just a matter of time, if I was going to be with them for one year or six. I'll take the six right now, obviously."

So Cruz woke up Monday knowing he'd had enough back and forth with the Giants, hoping for a better deal. He signed, and later he posed under the Giants' logo at the team facility and tweeted a photo captioned "Makes it official."

The six-year deal is worth nearly $46 million and including over $15.6 million in guaranteed money, according to a source said. Cruz decided to sign now so that he didn't have to face another year of uncertainty.

"It was fun to finally get it done with," Cruz said. "I was smiling from ear to ear the whole time. I couldn't stop grinning. Good to put my ink on that piece of paper and feel good about it and feel confident about it and get back to football."

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