Aaron Curry leaves early with cramps

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Aaron Curry couldn't make it through the first day of training camp unscathed.

Curry left the first training camp practice on Saturday early with what head coach Tom Coughlin believed to be cramps. The Giants signed Curry in the offseason in hope of the former first-round pick showcasing the skills that made him a top pick.

The Giants wanted Curry to lose about 10 pounds entering training camp, and he said Saturday he lost 15 pounds and was down to 250 lbs. Curry said that he wouldn't know what difference that would make until he got on the field, and he was unable to make it through the day, although he did participate in live action.

"I think [the weight loss] was really important so that [Coughlin] would know that I'm committed to the program. I'm committed to what they're telling me to do, whether it's on the field or off the field or with my weight or with my play," Curry said. "Anything they coach me up on, I'm going to at least attempt it. So through all of my training, I did all of the right things necessary for my nutrition. I trained like normal, but I just made sure I was making all of the right decisions based on knowing I had to come in and weigh in."

Curry comes to the Giants off four injury-riddled and mostly unproductive years with the Raiders and Seahawks. He hasn't proven much since being drafted fourth in the 2009 Draft, but he's confident he can still be a play maker.

"No doubt in my mind," Curry said.

Curry has a chance to compete for a starting linebacker position on the Giants, as the team is full of unproven or underperforming players at the position. Saturday, Curry worked with the second team, alongside Jacquian Williams and Dan Connor. He said he will play the SAM linebacker spot.

He's looking forward to the competition.

"I think in the beginning of my career that was my issue. I walked out there and they were like you're the starter. When I was at school, I competed every day. When I got to Oakland, we competed every day. My goal now is to compete with everybody," Curry said. "One of my sayings is if I won't compete with my teammates, I won't compete against a guy across from me. I want to compete against everybody and by doing that we're all going to raise each other's level of play."

Several times during his media session Saturday, Curry mentioned how having fun is what matters to him. He said it extends to his playing style, as he likes to keep it loose with his teammates. Curry stressed that it's important to take opponents and preparation serious, but he enjoys being able to smile during games.

"I've had some ups and I've had some downs, but when I'm having fun, to me nothing matters," Curry said. "It's just about enjoying what I'm doing. Because if you're not enjoying it, I don't see how you can still do it. So for me it's all about enjoying it."