Steppin' to the AM: Nicks watch

It's Day Three of camp and today could be a Hakeem Nicks day.

After feeling tightness in his groin area and watching the last part of practice on Sunday, Nicks will be the center of attention for the media on Monday in practice. My gut feeling is he's OK and the team is being safe. We'll have to find out.

Also, there's a chance Nicks could talk to reporters on Monday. Stay tuned.

In case you missed it: Will Hill said he failed "a couple" drug tests due to marijuana last year and that's why he is suspended for four games this season after a failed appeal. The candid Hill explained why he turned to marijuana and the "stress" he was feeling from his old neighborhood, family and acquaintances.

Also, linebacker Dan Connor explained what happened with the knife found in his luggage at the Philadelphia International Airport earlier this month. Connor was remorseful about the incident.

Check out these interesting Giants stats compiled by the smart stats people in Bristol. Pretty good stuff.

David Baas is feeling better after having surgery on multiple body parts in the offseason. He's not saying which parts, but he is feeling good.

The Giants' second practice drew a good crowd on Sunday. They saw Nicks haul in a pretty bomb from David Carr and even witnessed a Tom Coughlin fake field goal.

The 411: The media will get to interview offensive line coach Pat Flaherty and defensive line coach Robert Nunn today, so there will be good info on how the lines are looking later today on the blog.

Practice is scheduled from 1:30-3:45 p.m., and the linebackers unit will sign autographs afterward at the practice facility in East Rutherford.