Giants react to Cooper's racial slur

The Giants reacted to Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper's recent use of a racial slur and his subsequent apology.

“It’s a really unfortunate situation,” Giants cornerback Aaron Ross said Thursday. “I think that word is kind of taken out of society these days. It’s one of those words you don’t want to use. That’s pretty much the Eagles’ problem that they have to deal with. But it’s really unfortunate it came out.

Riley Cooper

Riley Cooper

#14 WR
Philadelphia Eagles

2012 STATS

  • Rec23
  • Yds248
  • TD3
  • Avg10.8
  • Long23
  • YAC88

“We don’t have that problem over here. And hopefully we’ll never have that problem.”

Giants defensive end Adrian Tracy said he could see Riley’s words adding fuel to the Eagles wide receiver’s opponents.

“I love the nature of football because I feel like all your aggression, no matter what your emotions are, you can get out in a positive manner and not be arrested for it. You may be fined, but you won’t get arrested for it,” Tracy said. “People play with anger all the time and this is an outlet for us to do so, so if people are angry and within the confines of the rules express their anger, I don’t think he’s going to be the only player, I’m sure there’s little lists that everybody has.”

Tracy added: “Nobody is perfect, everybody has done something that others feel offended by. For you to hold a grudge or feel strongly toward a person for a mistake they made is not only going to set yourself backwards but the whole team chemistry.”

Said Giants punter Steve Weatherford: “It’s obviously a black eye for him and a black eye for that franchise. It’s disappointing for him because we’re role models at this point in our career and we have a pedestal to inspire and motivate. So that was unfortunate.”

Said Eagles running back LeSean McCoy: “I forgive him. We’ve been friends for a long time. But in a situation like this, you really find out about someone. Just on a friendship level, I can’t really respect someone like that.”