Myers hopes to make big impact at TE

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The Giants have had some pretty good tight ends the past few years, including Kevin Boss, Jake Ballard and Martellus Bennett.

Brandon Myers, who signed with the Giants as a free agent this past offseason, wants to be the next one.

“What they do here is they put guys in a position to make plays,” Myers said Friday.

Myers, who inked a four-year, $14.25 million contract, had 79 catches for 806 yards with the Raiders last season.

He said his goal coming to the Giants is to become an all-around tight end.

“The catches are nice or whatever, but if you can be in there on every play -- running down or pass play -- blocking,” Myers said. “I’ve always tried to stay on the field and not be a situational tight end but an every down tight end.”

Blocking is the concern with Myers.

“Obviously last year I didn’t block as well as I’d like to, but coming here with an organization like the Giants with the coach, the quarterback, the winning tradition, it was important for me to come here and be an every down tight end. That’s the tight end’s job, is to block and run routes, so I just try to do that and get better at everything I do each and every day.”

Myers is already enjoying playing with Eli Manning.

“He’s been there, he’s proven,” Myers said. If you’re on the same page as him, he’s gonna find you. Hopefully when it’s a third down, if you do it in practice, he’s gonna trust you in the game.”