Must-watch video: Eli raps

We've seen Eli Manning dress up in drag on "Saturday Night Live."

But we haven't seen him rap -- until now. Eli wants you to watch football on your phone -- so much so that he raps about it with his brother, Peyton Manning. In the latest (and might I add hilarious) DirectTV NFL commercial, the Manning brothers are at it again.

You see Eli and Peyton dressed in old-school attire and Eli -- sporting a bad tan (well, bad everything actually after looking at his costume) -- unleashes his rap flow. At one point, Eli raps, "Let me ask you a question ... what do you get when a football gets down with your phone?" while rubbing a cellphone on a gold football. Archie makes a cameo as well in the commercial.

Needless to say, Easy E(li) won't threaten Jay Z's throne any time soon, but you need to watch the video now!