Bradshaw: 'It still is strange'

Ahmad Bradshaw is still getting used to life without the Giants for the first time in his pro career.

On Sunday, Bradshaw and his new team, the Indianapolis Colts, will visit MetLife Stadium to play the Giants. Bradshaw won't play, but being on the opposite sideline will be odd. He still refers to MetLife as "Giants Stadium."

"It still is strange, man," Bradshaw said Thursday in a conference call. "Just being with the Giants six years, and just knowing the whole system, and going through a couple of changes. it's still strange. But I feel comfortable in Indiana. And they've taken me in like a brother."

“(But) I’ve been with my Giants my whole career," he later added. "And I never thought about it on the other side. So it’ll be different. But I understand it’s a business.”

The Giants released Bradshaw in the offseason in one of a few salary-slicing moves. The Giants are now handing over the starting job to David Wilson, who will share carries with Andre Brown. Even though Bradshaw saw the Giants draft Wilson in the first round in 2012, he still held out hope that he would return for this season.

“I never once felt it was coming to an end,” Bradshaw said. "I never seemed to take it that it was coming to an end. ... They drafted David Wilson in the first round. ... (But) I thought there was still a chance (of returning).”

Bradshaw hopes his surgically repaired feet and ankles will be fully healthy and ready to go for the season opener. He sees some similarities between his new quarterback, Andrew Luck, and his old one, Eli Manning.

“He’s a great guy,” Bradshaw said of Luck. “We’re actually neighbors, and I’ve built a great relationship with Andy. He’s just like him (Manning) -- a professional. He’s just a natural quarterback.”