Andrews wants to play

It would be tough to question Shawn Andrews' heart.

The Giants offensive lineman, who played left tackle last week against the Cowboys, wants to play this Sunday when the Giants face his old team, the Eagles. Despite a back injury, possibly related to his history of problems and two surgeries, the 325-pound Andrews spoke poignantly today about how much he wants to be there for his new team.

"It’s really tough because I think about how far I’ve come," Andrews said. "Early on in my rehabbing process, especially after my second surgery, I just recall the pain that I was in, that I don’t want to feel this way anymore. I could have easily hung it up, went fishing in Arkansas, and just kicked my feet back. I know I have a lot of great football left in me, and I have a second chance with a phenomenal organization. I feel like I owe it to these guys. If I have to be carried off the field, for these guys, I respect them so much that I’m doing everything in my power."

We have a full story on Andrews here.

LT David Diehl was in the locker room, smelling like some crazy mint Tiger Balm stuff from his acupuncture treatment earlier that had Chris Snee coughing. Diehl said his hamstring was so improved that he might be ready to start practicing as soon as next week.

Shaun O'Hara was in as well, said there is no timetable and the 2 to 8 weeks that he mentioned last week was a general estimate for the injury, but that his own specific injury doesn't have a timetable yet. O'Hara said the waiting was tough.

Backup C Adam Koets had his ACL surgery today.

OL Will Beatty said he was ready to go, which is good because he could start at left tackle if Andrews can't go or is limited.

"I expect to knock all the rust off before Sunday," Beatty said. "It’s going against a team like the Eagles, and just our competition and the way we play each other, you can’t have rust and expect to do well. I’m going against Cole and he’s a great football player. If I come in there without my full game, he won’t say, ‘Oh you’re coming off an injury so I’ll take it lightly.’ He’s going to give me everything he has, and in return I’m going to do the same."

Mitch Petrus (who believe it or not is an avid guitarist) will rotate in.

Diehl, O'Hara WR Steve Smith (pectoral muscle) and FB Madison Hedgecock (hammy, and he practiced some today) are out for Sunday's game.

CB Corey Webster (toe) sprinted out of the locker room to avoid a pursuing reporter and yelled back that he was "good." As long as the Eagle wide receivers aren't a lot faster than your average sports writer, the Giants have to be feeling good about their defensive backs.

TE Kevin Boss (back) is probable. I asked DE Dave Tollefson about his ankle and he said he was fine.

Lastly, an addition. Giants coach Tom Coughlin said that new again wide receiver Derek Hagan was good and could see time.

"He’s been good," Coughlin said. "He’s really been sharp. He anticipated this for a long time, he’s looked at all of our games, he came in pretty much knowing the signals and knowing all of that stuff and just being able to recall. He’s had a few incidents out here where he wants to believe he’s totally sharp, but there’s been some issues, but he’s worked his way through that and he’s come in here with veteran presence and it’s been demonstrated and he’ll be ready to go."