Andrews homecoming

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — Shawn Andrews heard the jeers when he got on the field in Philadelphia. It was the place he once called home, a fan base he once called his. Instead, he heard the taunts. “Hey Shawn, you owe us $20 million!” “Shawn, get your Michael Phelps on!”

“I did a good job blocking it out,” Andrews said.

He really wanted a win, but the offensive lineman will have to settle for being able to compete for the duration of the Giants 27-17 loss to the Eagles. In order to get on the field after his surgically repaired back was reinjured in a loss to the Cowboys, Andrews needed an epidural during the week and a shot of the prescriptive pain reliever Toradol before the game.

“It’s all right, of course I have to deal with the Toradol wearing off and all that,” Andrews said.

He played left tackle for the Giants on every series after a week when he couldn’t practice, and at least one teammate had high praise for his performance.

“He did a good job of shutting Trent Cole all the way down tonight,” running back Brandon Jacobs said.

Andrews also had two holding penalties. The first he said was legitimate, his footing wasn’t sound, but the second he didn’t want to comment on, presumably to avoid a fine.

“We had it and let it slip away just mistakes man careless mistakes,” Andrews said.

After the night was over, he joked that all his medication was just the norm in the life of an NFL player. But the coming days will give a better indication of whether Andrews can play without pain in the coming weeks. He sounded optimistic.

“I held up and I’ll be all right,” Andrews said.

Kick returns: WIll Blackmon said he had never been hit as hard as he was in the first half, when a nasty collision sent him to the turf on a kickoff return. He tripped on his next return, but a change of shoes during halftime helped him have a better second half, with returns of 27, 24 and 18 yards.

DE Dave Tollefson, whose helmet-to-helmet collision with Ellis Hobbs sent the Eagles returner to the ground for a few scary minutes. Hobbs was taken off the field on a cart but later was moving around normally with X-rays normal. Tollefson stood by as Hobbs was attended to on the field, and wished him well as he passed by en route to the locker room.

Tollefson said kick returns are the most violent part of football, and that he didn't intend a helmet-to-helmet hit. He is hoping that the NFL doesn't fine him, especially after a close call last week. "I hope my name isn't on the tip of their tongue," Tollefson said.