Big Blue Morning: RBs on parade

Your daily morning check-in on news and notes about and of interest to the New York Giants:

The news of the day: The Giants are bringing in several running backs, including old friend Brandon Jacobs and Willis McGahee, who was the Broncos' starter this time last year, for tryouts Tuesday. May sign one, may not. (Though I think they will, as they've already cleared a roster spot by waiving Adewale Ojomo.) As I wrote Monday, the point is not to replace David Wilson because of his two fumbles Sunday night, but rather to find the complementary back they intended Andre Brown to be before he broke his leg. Giving Wilson more to do at this point, when he continues to have ball security and blitz pickup problems, is not a recipe for success -- for him or for the team.

Behind enemy lines: Jeff Legwold expects the Broncos to play defense differently this Sunday against the Giants than they did in their season opener last week against the Ravens. Because the Giants use three-wide receiver sets more than Baltimore does, and because of the size advantage the Giants' receivers will have on the Broncos' corners, Jeff expects to see some new things from defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio, including the occasional seven-defensive back set.

Around the division: The Eagles obviously looked great on offense in the first half against the Redskins on Monday night, but they either tired or simply took their foot off the gas in the second half as Washington came back and nearly made it a game. LeSean McCoy is a legitimately great player who likely will thrive in this offense, but one must still wonder about Michael Vick's durability and consistency. And considering the way the second half went, it's also fair to wonder whether the Eagles' personnel can handle the tempo for a full game. Chip Kelly has to be thrilled with the start to his NFL career, regardless.

Around the league: Two seemingly unrelated items of interest caught my eye. This one on Robert Griffin III saying the NFL had told him he had to cover up his knee brace, and this one on the Lions' Ndamukong Suh facing league discipline for a low block on the Vikings' center during an interception return. The NFL is open about the fact that it uses an escalating discipline system for repeat offenders, and Griffin has broken apparel rules many times and without any apparent remorse, willingly being fined for wearing Adidas apparel where the league specifics he should only wear Nike. And Suh, of course, is on the NFL's radar in a big way for past on-field physical offenses. Makes you wonder at what point the league takes a look at, oh I don't know ... a team that has a reputation for faking injuries to slow down opponents' offensive drives? Just sayin.