NFL won't punish Giants for flopping

An NFL spokesman said the league had not received an official complaint from the Dallas Cowboys regarding the New York Giants faking injuries Sunday night, and the league's official statement on the matter is, "We see no basis at this time for taking action."

Which is basically what you'd expect.

Anyone with two eyes and half a brain could see that Giants defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins was faking his second-quarter injury in an attempt to slow down the Cowboys' no-huddle offense at a time when the Giants' defense had been on the field the whole game and needed a break. The Giants didn't even (and still haven't) said what his injury was or even to which body part. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said after the game that it was so obviously fake that it was funny.

But if the league's going to discipline a team for something like this, it needs evidence, and in a case like this that's hard to come by. How can the league tell a player he's not hurt with enough certainty to fine a team? Tricky road to go down, for sure. What if it turns out the guy really is hurt?

My prediction, however, is that this continues to be an issue. You saw it Monday night in the Redskins-Eagles game, and I doubt the Redskins will be the last team to try and use the tactic against the frenetic, no-huddle Eagles offense. This is going to keep coming up, and at some point the league will have to do something to address it, perhaps by imposing stricter guidelines on how long players have to sit out if the game has to be stopped for their injuries.

Again, this is a no-easy-solution problem, but it's not one I would expect to go away.