Big Blue Morning: Manning Week rolls on

Your daily morning check-in on news and notes about and of interest to the New York Giants:

The news of the day: I wrote this on the Eli Manning-Peyton Manning matchup, which is something I just find totally fascinating. Maybe it's because I have two younger brothers and two sons, but the brother relationship is of great interest to me, and I think people have grown too blasé about just how wild it is that two brothers from the same family could grow up to be top NFL quarterbacks and play against each other three times. As someone with a TV camera said to Eli on Wednesday, you'd have a better chance of being struck by lightning.

To his credit, Eli said he understands that. "Obviously there are 32 starting quarterbacks in the NFL right now and one of the other ones happens to be my brother," Eli said. "I understand that is rare. I don't know how it quite happened. I don't think my parents know how it quite happened. It just worked out that way, but I do feel blessed that I get to play this sport and I know Peyton feels the same way."

Other Giants news includes Da'Rel Scott's knee injury, which cropped up Wednesday and leaves them potentially thin again at running back against Denver, even after the signing of Brandon Jacobs on Tuesday. We'll check in on that Thursday at practice, and we'll also check in on starting cornerback Prince Amukamara, who sat out Wednesday as he continued to deal with the concussion he suffered in Sunday's game.

Behind enemy lines: The Broncos would like to have their secondary at full strength Sunday against a Giants team that had three wide receivers go over 100 yards in the opener in Dallas. But while top cornerback Champ Bailey is getting closer to returning from his foot injury, he didn't practice Wednesday and his status for the game remains in doubt.

Around the division: We dispatched our nationwide team of NFL reporters to ask players around the league the question of the week: Do you think Chip Kelly's Philadelphia Eagles offense is sustainable? Here's the result of the collaboration (the sort of thing you can expect more of as the season goes on). And here's what I wrote from the Giants' end of things about the radically changed division rivals down I-95.

Around the league: Pretty cool read here from Jeff Chadiha on the NFL's young quarterbacks. He polled folks around the league and had them rank Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton on a variety of factors, including intelligence, accuracy and durability. I guess I'm not too surprised, because I always feel like memories in this league don't go back any further than six days, but it seems wrong that Newton ranks last so many times. He's got a year on all of these guys and has put up two monster seasons. I guess the beauty of it is, we'll all find out together.