Gilbride not too concerned about Eli

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Kevin Gilbride says he worries about everything with his offense.

But despite his quarterback throwing a league-high seven interceptions, the Giants' offensive coordinator remains confident Eli Manning will be fine.

Gilbride says Manning’s interceptions total is bothering the quarterback to the point that it’s “killing him.” But Manning isn’t rattled or shaken.

“I worry about, as I’ve said many times, everything,” Gilbride said when asked if he is worried about the interceptions affecting Manning. “Obviously I worry about it, but if ever there’s a guy that has his feet firmly on the ground and seems to be able to handle the vicissitudes of the game and life, it’s that guy.

“He’s about as stable as you can go,” Gilbride continued. “Does it bother him? It’s killing him. If you get too many, does it get to a point where it affects and detracts from your confidence? There’s no question. I don’t care who you are. But if there’s ever a guy that you’re not going to worry about … it’s him.”

Gilbride said there has not been a common thread among the seven picks. There were times when Manning was unlucky, like when a ball glanced off Da’Rel Scott’s hands for a pick-six against Dallas, or when a pass bounced off a defender’s heel and into another cornerback’s hands for a pick against Denver.

At other times, Manning tried to make something happen late in games when the Giants were down big.

“It’s a couple at the end and I think he’s just trying to get us back in there, which I wish he wouldn’t do,” Gilbride said. “He’s just trying to think maybe we get an interference [call] or Rueben [Randle] goes up and gets it.

“But the one before the half was very costly,” Gilbride added of a Manning interception intended for Hakeem Nicks from the Denver 28-yard line. “I think he was trying to throw it away. It’s hard enough to win when you’re not helping and aiding the enemy, so we’ve got to cut down on those things and certainly getting the running game better will improve the odds of us doing that.”

Run NYG: As for the running game that is currently stuck in neutral, Gilbride says he will make every effort to have a balanced offense against Carolina.

“We’re definitely going to make an effort to run,” Gilbride said. “We’re definitely going to do whatever we can to be as balanced as we can, but most importantly of all, we’ll try to win the game.”

Gilbride was asked if the Giants can set up the run by passing.

“Yeah, absolutely,” he said. “We’re just not as in sync right now as we need to be between all the different positions up front and you have a new running back who’s struggling on some of his reads as well. It’s a combination, as it always is. It’s never just one thing, but it’s not good enough obviously.”

Wilson touches: David Wilson has carried the ball just seven times in each of the first two games. Gilbride, though, only cares about how Wilson does when he has the ball.

“The only thing I care about is: Are we moving the ball?” Gilbride said. “If he’s running and making yardage, then he’ll get it. If he’s not, then somebody else will get a chance to carry it or we’ll be throwing it.”