Football Scientist: Giants-centric fantasy football picks

In this week's Giants-friendly fantasy football picks, the questions will once again be driven by the questions posed by chatters during my ESPN.com SportsNation chat (which occurs every Friday at 4 PM ET). As usual, the chatters were both inquisitive and funny.

Brian (DE):

Out of the 6 weeks they both have played I went with matchups and rankings and have been wrong 5 out of 6 times. This week is it Eli Manning or Big Ben?

KC Joyner:

Eli all the way. It comes down to whether to play an injured QB or a QB with WR injuries. Always play the healthy player, which in this case is Eli.

Additional note -- When the words "walking boot" are next to your quarterback's name in an article about his injury, it is a good percentage play to find another fantasy starter.

A Steve Johnson fan (I will not Forget this Answer):

I praise you 24/7 KC!!! And this how you do me!!! You expect me to learn from this???How??? I'll never forget this ANSWER!! Ever!! Thx Tho. Sit one ... Mike Tolbert, Fred Jackson or Mario Manningham?

KC Joyner:

Very creative, although I actually never hope to see anything near that kind of Twitter post directed my way! Sit Tolbert due to the injury.

Additional note: The Redskins' secondary has been underperforming all season long (they currently rank fourth from the bottom in pass yards allowed) and now comes word that LaRon Landry, their starting strong safety, and Carlos Rogers, their starting right cornerback, will both miss this game due to injury. Manningham should be considered a must start in front of all but the truly elite fantasy wide receivers.

Phineas Flynn (Tri-State Area):

KC I know what I'm going to do today. I'm going to ask you if Ben Obomanu should sit in place of Earl Bennett this Sunday.

KC Joyner:

Nope -- Obomanu is on the kind of hot streak you have to ride out until the wave crashes.

Additional notes: Obomanu is a Seattle wide receiver who has posted 9, 7, 14 and 21 points the past four weeks and yet is available in 88.5% of ESPN leagues. He is due to face Panthers cornerback Richard Marshall in coverage this weekend, and Marshall has been anything but a shutdown CB this year. If you need an upside waiver pick, Obomanu is one you can go with and not worry about pulling for him (from a Giants' fan perspective that is).

For the uninitiated, Phineas is a character from the cartoon Phineas and Ferb -- my two kids watch it all the time and it is actually one of the funniest shows on television.

Johnny Fontane (the Don's Office):

I don't know what to do... PPR Flex...pick 3 from DMAC, DEZ, Brandon Jacobs, Obomanu & Westbrook... You can act like a man.

KC Joyner:

As long the Don doesn't slap me when asking this question! Go with Dez, Obomanu and Jacobs.

Additional note: The Godfather is the second greatest movie of all (behind Godfather II, of course). And Jacobs is someone Giants fans can feel good about using as a flex option. The Redskins have the aforementioned injuries and are also tied for last in the league in rush yards per attempt allowed (4.9). There should be plenty of carries to go around for both Jacobs and Bradshaw.