Pierre-Paul hungry for more sacks

Jason Pierre-Paul had an inclination. Once he could get rid of the ugly zero in the sack column, there would be a few more in line for the Giants 2010 first-round pick.

“I told them once I got one, I ain’t going to stop, now I got two,” Pierre-Paul said. “So hopefully they just come. I’m looking forward to a couple more before the season is over with.”

Fresh off the best game of his career in which he registered two sacks and two forced fumbles, Pierre-Paul and his teammates and coaches are hoping there will be more big plays in order down the homestretch of the season. Pierre-Paul is fifth on the Giants with his two sacks and also contributed 15 total tackles.

“It makes me more comfortable knowing I can go out there and get sacks,” Pierre-Paul said of his outing against Jacksonville. “There’s not a goose egg on my stat sheet and I can continue to get more I guess. Work harder.”

It took more than 10.5 games before Pierre-Paul finally notched his first sack, but his pair of quarterback takedowns helped the Giants in their comeback victory. He registered his first sack in the third quarter and his last one came on the final drive of the game to force Jacksonville into a 3rd-and-25 scenario. The Jaguars fumbled on the next play to seal a Giants win.

Pierre-Paul said he is playing the run better compared to previously in the season, while he is also being more effective rushing. His sacks were the result of him being calm and steady, and he said he put some extra time in to see why he had been missing out on previous chances during games.

“Some of the play we would hope he would make earlier in the season, but now because we’ve been able to spoon feed him, he’s been able to make those plays now,” Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell said. “We look for that trend to continue.

“I think his game is starting to come around and he’s become a good run player and a good pass player.”

When defensive end Osi Umenyiora analyzes Pierre-Paul, he sees a younger version of Dallas’ standout defensive end DeMarcus Ware. The Giants certainly wouldn’t mind if Pierre-Paul became like Ware, who is fifth in the league in sacks. Umenyiora seems to believe the potential is there.

“He’s an outstanding football player,” Umenyiora said. “He has all the talent in the world, very athletic. He’s coming along and he’s going to be a great one”