Giants' Perry Fewell: Get the QB!

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Here's one way to solve the Giants' pass-rush woes.

"Sometimes you gotta just whip somebody's ass and you got to get to the quarterback," Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell said Friday. "We can try to become more creative and do some things of that nature, but it just comes down to you've got to win an individual battle."

With just five sacks through six games, Fewell, like head coach Tom Coughlin, expressed disappointment in Giants lack of success in one-on-one battles. The Giants rank last in the NFL with their five sacks, and have struggled to consistently pressure opposing passers.

"There's no magical formula or scheme or anything like that. It's like turnovers. They come in bunches," Fewell said. "Sacks, they haven't come in bunches for us and we're working hard to rectify that situation. It's going to happen for us. We're talented enough, it will happen for us."

The Giants have built their defense around a stout defensive line that can get after the passer, but this year, the opposing quarterback may as well be wearing a red non-contact jersey. Fewell has tried at times to make up for a lack of a rush from his front four by bringing blitzes, but that hasn't helped, either.

"I expected to win more one-on-ones, yes," Fewell said.

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin said a week ago the team was going to take a hard look into why it isn't getting to the quarterback, and see if they needed to tweak anything or perhaps be more creative in their game planning. Thursday, Coughlin said more individual matchups need to be won.

When asked about making schematic changes to be more creative in a short time, Fewell said it depends on the health, intelligence and chemistry of the football team. Unfortunately for Fewell, his team has been banged up and has been working in new players almost every week, which can limit that stability.

He acknowledged playing with leads and forcing opponents into third-and-long situations could help. The Giants have only led in two of their six games thus far.

"Those things give you an opportunity to get more sacks, no doubt about it, and to get more interceptions, too," Fewell said.

As the Giants search for answers regarding their pass rush, they received a boost at linebacker in their last game as Jon Beason had 12 combined tackles in his Giants debut. The Giants acquired Beason from Carolina on Oct. 4, and he barely played against the Eagles before shining against Chicago on Oct. 10.

Fewell said the Giants are leaning toward having Beason wearing the headset against the Vikings on Monday.

"I like what he gave us, especially in the run game," Fewell said. "The in-line quickness, the ability to get to the ball and make a football play I thought was very good for us. Obviously, we have some work to do in the pass game."