Big Blue Morning: Well, what do you know?

Your daily morning check-in on news and notes about and of interest to the New York Giants

The news of the day: What else could it be? In their seventh try of the 2013 season, the Giants went ahead and actually won a game. It wasn't pretty, and the ineptitude of the Minnesota Vikings obviously had a lot to do with it. But the defense looks energized with Jon Beason at middle linebacker. Eli Manning didn't throw an interception for the first time all year. And after the game, everybody in the locker room was feeling good. Their 1-6 record surely isn't anything of which to be proud, but right now all the Giants are thinking is that it's better than being 0-7.

Behind enemy lines: The Giants' next game is Sunday in Philadelphia against the Eagles, who beat them in New Jersey in Week 5 with Michael Vick starting at quarterback and Nick Foles relieving Vick once Vick got hurt. Vick hasn't played since, and Foles got hurt Sunday, which leaves the Eagles' quarterback situation muddled and the Giants unsure which guy they'll be facing come Sunday.

Around the division: Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant says he thinks he can do anything Calvin Johnson can do. Says he believes Johnson is the best but that he also believes it about himself. You guys know what a fan I am of Bryant, and that I believe he can be as good as anyone in the league at his position. But what Johnson did Sunday was still something for which Bryant is striving. He may get there. Heck, he may get past there. But Johnson is still the king. There is only one Megatron.

Around the league: Brandon Meriweather should have known this was coming. It's like I used to write about James Harrison. Doesn't matter what you were taught or how you've always done it. You've been warned many, many, many times that you have to change or else you'll be suspended. And now, you're suspended. And you should be.