Power Rankings: No. 23 New York Giants

A weekly examination of the Giants' ESPN.com Power Ranking:

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A home loss to the Dallas Cowboys drops the Giants one spot, and back into the bottom 10, in this week's edition of the Power Rankings. Four of our six voters, including this one, ranked the Giants 23rd. Mike Sando has them at No. 22. John Clayton has them at No. 24. So some fairly strong agreement on where they belong at this point in their 4-7 season.

I'm sure there are some Giants fans out there who'll be irked that they're a spot behind the Jets, but when you get down into the 20s in this kind of poll, you're more or less nitpicking. The case can be made that the Giants are a better team now than they were in September and early October, but the damage done by their 0-6 start has to be factored into any evaluation of their season to date, and it's not as though they've completely shaken off the problems that were on display during that time.

With five games left in the Giants' season, this week's Power Rankings offer good news in the form of the No. 29 Washington Redskins, as the Giants play them (A) next and (B) twice. Their other three games will be on the road against the No. 15 Chargers and No. 13 Lions and at home against our new No. 1 team, the Seattle Seahawks.

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