Smith, Manningham, Tuck and Sintim suffer injuries

The Giants got Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith back on Monday night.

By the end of the night, however, they lost Smith to a hamstring injury and Mario Manningham to a hip flexor injury.

Tom Coughlin did not offer up much detail on either injury. Defensive end Justin Tuck also had a swollen left hand and bruised ribs and couldn’t breathe without feeling pain. But he still was in good enough condition to conduct a post-game press conference.

Linebacker Clint Sintim needed crutches after the game after injuring his knee. And defensive tackle Chris Canty suffered a burner. Running back Ahmad Bradshaw also had his wrist wrapped toward the end of the game but Coughlin made it sound like Bradshaw is fine. Bradshaw missed a day of practice last week with a wrist injury but played with it.

"He's done well with it," Coughlin said.

Smith said he injured his hamstring when he was tackled on his only reception at the start of the fourth quarter. Smith made the 12-yard catch but was tackled from behind awkwardly.

Smith, who missed the previous four games, said his partially-torn pectoral injury was fine afterward.

“I don’t know,” Smith said of the severity of his hamstring injury. “We will see tomorrow. I got tackled from behind. It is sore."

Nicks said he emerged from the game fine and even had the remaining stitches he had in his right leg from surgery to relieve swelling three weeks ago removed right after the win.