Power Rankings: No. 23 New York Giants

A weekly examination of the Giants' ESPN.com Power Ranking:

Preseason: 12 | Last Week: 22 | ESPN.com Power Ranking since 2002

They win a game, they move up to No. 22. They lose a game, they drop to No. 23. This is the sad Power Rankings cycle into which the 5-8 Giants have fallen over the past month. They've shown enough to make us think they're not as bad as they looked whey they lost 37-14 to the Chargers. But they've also shown us enough to make us think they're not as good as they looked when they beat the Raiders. They're just this sort of below-average nonfactor of a team that looks a lot like the other mediocre teams around them in the rankings, and it's hard to get too worked up over their specific number.

For instance, I was surprised to see I was the highest on the Giants of any of our Power Rankings voters this week, ranking them No. 21. John Clayton and Jamison Hensley have them at No. 22. Ashley Fox puts them at 23. Kevin Seifert ranked them No. 26 and Mike Sando has them at 27. Top of my head, I would think there are more than five teams in the league that are worse than the Giants, but I'm not sure enough that I'd arm-wrestle Sando over it.

The Giants' remaining games are at home against the No. 1 Seahawks, at No. 12 Detroit and home against the No. 31 Redskins. Tough to see them finishing .500.

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