Big Blue Morning: Damage control

Your daily morning check-in on news and notes about and of interest to the New York Giants:

The news of the day: Everybody wanted it known Monday that there were no cracks or fissures in the Giants' locker room even though there seemed to be a lot of sniping and finger-pointing going on after Sunday's 23-0 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. The Giants have two games left, and they're determined to hold it together even though those games mean nothing at all and they can't get the offense going. So everybody came out and talked about how they were a family and sometimes families fight but it's all OK in the end. However, one thing no one could deny -- not offensive players, defensive players or the head coach -- is that the Giants offense is hot garbage right now. However it is or isn't expressed, that fact remains indisputable.

Behind enemy lines: Crushing defeat Monday night for the Detroit Lions, who have lost four of their last five while competitors Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler missed significant time due to injury. The Lions should have salted away the NFC North by now but instead sit in third place with Cutler back and Rodgers possibly on the way. The team the Giants see Sunday is both desperate and fading, and it'll be fascinating to see how the Lions come out after so many blown opportunities.

Around the division: The race for the NFC East remains a two-way race between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles, and as long as Dallas wins or Philly loses this week, it will come down to a Week 17 game between those two teams in Dallas. That would be the third year in a row that the Cowboys played a division title game in Week 17. They lost to the Giants in New Jersey two years ago and to the Redskins in Washington last year. As for the Redskins, who have won three games since that night, their coach says he's not planning to quit.

Around the league: Manning didn't fare so well in the latest edition of Kevin Seifert's QB Report. Which isn't much of a surprise. No points and five interceptions does not a stellar Total QBR make.