Pro Bowl selections: New York Giants

Justin Tuck was being complimentary Thursday when he called Antrel Rolle "Pro Bowlish." He meant that his New York Giants teammate belonged on the team and was answering a question about whether he thought Rolle deserved to go to Hawaii. But while Rolle may eventually end up on the Pro Bowl team, "Pro Bowlish" is all he can claim at this point. Rolle is the only member of the Giants who is even under consideration for the Pro Bowl. He was named a second alternate at strong safety when the Pro Bowl selections were announced Friday night.

Rolle finished third in the fan voting at strong safety -- the only member of the Giants to finish in the top 10 in fan voting at his position. But fan voting isn't the only factor, as voting by players and coaches factored into the final decisions and Rolle didn't earn a spot as a starter. I think Rolle's had a fine overall year at safety for the Giants, and that the value he brings to the team as a leader and as a player willing to play literally any position in the secondary adds to his résumé. He's tied for second in the league in interceptions with six, and that's the kind of number that might tend to get a guy in his position a spot on the Pro Bowl roster. But the Giants' season as a whole has been so dismal, buried under their 0-6 start, that it's tough for anyone to really stand out from this group.

Other than Rolle, Tuck was the only Giant who may have merited Pro Bowl consideration this year. But it's a crowded field at defensive end, and as strong as Tuck's overall game has been this year, there are 22 players in the league who have more sacks than his nine, and Tuck himself said Thursday that he didn't expect to be selected.

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