Big Blue Morning: Gilbride, Nicks speak

Former New York Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride, who insists he himself made the decision to walk away from the team last week, went on Sirius XM radio Tuesday night and offered some interesting insight about the 2013 Giants offense. Gilbride said he thought Brandon Myers would be a good No. 2 tight end and that the Giants would bring in someone new for the position next year. He said Victor Cruz's strong season in the slot was made more impressive by the disappointing performances of the outside receivers, the most prominent of which was Hakeem Nicks. He thinks the Giants need a "bell cow" running back, and he thinks Eli Manning never had a chance to have a good season due to the struggles of the offensive line.

On the offensive line: "We had been concerned about depth in the offensive line for a while now." He added that the problems along the offensive line "made it impossible for (Eli Manning) to function. ... You give him help and he's proven he can win a championship."

In the interview, Gilbride said the Giants adjusted their offense to include more three-step drops and fewer of the five-step and seven-step drops that allow Manning to thrive. Nothing earth-shattering or shocking here, but interesting to hear what we were all thinking come out of the mouth of the offensive coordinator. And it backs up the notion that, no matter who they get to replace him, the Giants are going to need major personnel upgrades at several offensive positions.

Nicks also spoke at a charity event of his and said he wants to be back with the Giants but understands he might not be. Nicks is an unrestricted free agent coming off a season in which he failed to score a single touchdown.