Big Blue Morning: Cowboys eyeing Pope?

Let's see. Lots of little notes today ...

Giants right tackle Justin Pugh tweeted that he had surgery on his thumb and that it went well. The weeks that follow an NFL season are littered with "cleanup" surgeries on things that weren't serious enough to keep these guys from playing but may as well get fixed while there's time before next season. The number of these procedures, and the extent to which they fly under the radar, remind us just how brutal is this game these guys play.

Calvin Watkins writes that the Dallas Cowboys are interested in Mike Pope for their vacant tight ends coach position. The Giants fired Pope, who's put in a total of 23 years on their staff, last week and he's interested in continuing his career. Could he do it as a member of former Giant Jason Garrett's staff in Dallas? Why not?

Giants safety Antrel Rolle was named to the Pro Bowl as a replacement for Seattle's Earl Thomas, who can't play because he'll be preparing for the Super Bowl. So if you want to watch the Pro Bowl on Sunday night, there's now one Giants player in it.

John Mara says he and Tom Coughlin haven't talked yet about extending Coughlin's contract beyond 2014, but that they plan to.

I wrote this column on Eli Manning's brother, who doesn't have to win this Super Bowl in order to be the best quarterback of all time. Not Giants-related, but if you need a Super Bowl fix, there you go.

Oh, and NJ.com's Jordan Raanan says it's not going to be very easy for the Giants to find offensive line help in this year's draft. Which is obviously rotten news if you're the Giants, who need offensive line help in the very worst way.