Big Blue Morning: Coughlin's future

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin tells ESPN Radio's Ian O'Connor in an interview to air Sunday that he'd like to keep coaching for a while. It's basically exactly what Coughlin said about his future the day after the season ended, so it doesn't come as any kind of shock, but it bears watching since the team has yet to extend his contract beyond the 2014 season.

I wrote a column late in the season that wondered whether Coughlin would want to return, given the likelihood that the Giants could be at the start of a challenging rebuild. But now that he's made it clear he wants to keep coaching as long as they'll let him, I believe him and I think he probably will. He surely knows the state of the roster as well as anyone does, and he knows the challenges that loom this offseason in terms of rebuilding the offensive line and putting better skill-position pieces around Eli Manning, and he seems eager to take them on.

In other news, Manning is trying to help out his big brother, Peyton Manning, as Peyton and the Broncos prepare to play the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium in nine days. Eli Manning also said he anticipates changes to the offense under new coordinator Ben McAdoo, but that he's excited about them. And former Giants defensive end Michael Strahan, who's a Hall of Fame finalist for the second year in a row, said on a conference call that he hadn't given much thought to his chances for election this time around. The Hall of Fame class of 2014 will be announced Saturday, Feb. 1, the night before the Super Bowl, in New York City.