NFLN survey/popular coach: Giants

We surveyed 10 players from each NFL team and granted them complete anonymity to get their opinions on a variety of questions. We are rolling out the results of that survey piece-by-piece. Today we present the answer to the question:

Which head coach would you most like to play for?

The rules were that it had to be a current NFL head coach and that it could not be your own. The winner, with 72 votes (22.5 percent of the total) was Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. A distant second was Pittsburgh's Mike Tomlin, with 44 votes (13.8 percent). Others who cracked double digits included the Broncos' John Fox (25), the Jets' Rex Ryan (23), the Patriots' Bill Belichick (22), the Chiefs' Andy Reid (22), the Saints' Sean Payton (21), the 49ers' Jim Harbaugh (16) and the Ravens' John Harbaugh (10).

The Giants' Tom Coughlin got three votes. I expect it would have been more if the survey had been conducted a year earlier, when he was (as John Harbaugh was at the time of this survey) a defending Super Bowl champion. But I'm not sure. The Giants are a fairly insular organization. And while Giants players love and respect Coughlin, I'm not sure that reputation translates league-wide. While he's clearly mellowed as his career has gone along, he still appears from the outside to be a tough, demanding, old-school coach. And you can see that most of the coaches who got the big votes in this one do not fit that description.