Big Blue Morning: Super Bowl week begins

No, the New York Giants are not in this year's Super Bowl. But due to geographical convenience, I will be contributing all week to ESPN.com's Super Bowl coverage. I promise to keep the Giants page as fresh as possible, and frankly there should be enough Giants and Giants-related people running around the Super Bowl that we'll have no shortage of angles. Heck, even the Denver Broncos brought a couple with them Sunday night.

Broncos coach John Fox reminisced about his years spent living and working in New Jersey as the Giants' defensive coordinator, even mentioning during a discussion about his heart condition that it had been discovered during a Giants team physical. And Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning cracked about a lighthearted moment he'd shared with his little brother, Giants quarterback Eli Manning, in which the latter told him he probably couldn't offer too many tips on how to beat the Seahawks. Eli threw five interceptions in a 23-0 loss to Seattle in Week 15.

So guys like Eli and Justin Tuck and Steve Weatherford and others are already scheduled to appear on Radio Row this week. And at week's end, former Giant Michael Strahan could well be elected to the Hall of Fame. Keep it locked right here for Giants news as it comes up, and in the meantime if you'd like to check out the rest of my contributions to our team Super Bowl coverage, it shouldn't be too tough for you to find it. Enjoy.