Big Blue Morning: Cap space update

Good morning. According to the latest figures from ESPN Stats & Information, the New York Giants right now are $4,438,375 under the 2014 salary cap. I don't think that counts the two signings -- cornerback Zack Bowman and defensive tackle Mike Patterson -- they announced Monday. But I also don't think those signings will affect the number much one way or the other, since they likely just replace some top-51 guys anyway at similar salary levels.

That figure also does not count the additional $5 million in cap space the Giants will acquire June 2 as a result of designating center David Baas a post-June 1 cut. So if you were thinking that first number was being set aside to sign draft picks, know that it's not necessarily needed for that. The Baas savings likely will cover draft picks, which means if there's another free agent out there right now the Giants like, they could get him under the cap.

Who would it be? Well, the pickings at wide receiver are pretty thin unless they want to take a flyer on an oft-injured Sidney Rice. There are still some tight ends on the market, though the top ones (Jermichael Finley, Fred Davis) come with big health concerns. Former Saints center Brian de la Puente is still a free agent, though the Giants seem to like J.D. Walton for that spot. They could look at Robert Ayers for the pass rush if they wanted to. But anyone else who might cost anything is either over 30 (and they don't want guys over 30) or doesn't look like a clear upgrade over what they have. So I would think the Giants' big-big spending is over for this year and that, if there is leftover cap room, they would roll it over into 2015.

We shall see, and there are still holes to fill. The Giants have some flexibility if they want to go after a veteran who's yet to be released once he is. But they're sitting on the sidelines for now in the DeSean Jackson sweepstakes, and I would not expect them to do much more big-game hunting this offseason. Focus is turning to the draft.