Big Blue Morning: Just draft already

This is getting ridiculous. I was getting coffee at Wilkes Delicatessen in Ridgewood this morning and Joe, who runs the place, looked at me and said, "Get this draft over with already."

Joe is right. There's a fatigue setting in around the NFL right now. The rhythm of the offseason has been disrupted by the decision to push the draft back a couple of weeks due to a scheduling conflict at Radio City Music Hall. It's making people nuts, and Joe's not alone. The people I'm most worried about are those in the NFL front offices. This lag has given people enough time to make themselves believe Tom Savage is a better quarterback than Teddy Bridgewater. Stop the madness and draft already before it gets even uglier.

Sigh. We're still nine days away.

As for the New York Giants, I don't know what they're going to do, and neither does anyone else to whom I've talked. I've come away from recent conversations with the belief that they're determined to address the offensive line with one or possibly two picks in the early rounds. Does that mean Taylor Lewan or Zack Martin in the first? A center in the second or third? Both? The first-season success of Justin Pugh as a 16-game starter at right tackle opened the Giants' eyes a bit to the value of top-tier talent on the offensive line, and the struggles they had along the line at other spots in 2013 reinforced the importance of restocking their inventory there.

Yet, it's still possible to convince yourself that the best thing to do at No. 12 would be to take a new passing-game weapon for Eli Manning. Someone like wide receiver Mike Evans or tight end Eric Ebron if either is available. They need to do some quality re-stocking there, too. And they still look thin on the defensive line and maybe at safety now with Will Hill getting busted again and Antrel Rolle in the last year of his deal.

Jordan Raanan did a list of the 10 most likely picks for the Giants at No. 12 and Ebron, who was a consensus pick just a couple of weeks back, isn't even on it. And two linebackers are! Poor Jordan. He's just like Joe, except Joe makes better coffee cake. We all just want draft day to hurry up and get here.

Hang in there, everyone. It'll be here soon enough.