Big Blue Morning: Behind the curtain

The NFL announced Monday night that the New York Giants would allow a camera in their draft room for this year's draft. The NFL calls it a "war room," which I will not. I find the terminology totally inappropriate and remain confused as to why the NFL, which seems to go out of its way to honor the military at every possible turn, doesn't agree. No NFL team is planning or fighting anything like a "war" this weekend.

Regardless, the Giants have never allowed a camera in their draft room before, and they now join 15 other NFL teams that will allow us, the viewing public, to watch as their GM, coach, scouting director, owners, etc., talk over draft picks before they're made, celebrate them after they're made, field calls from other teams about trades and all that cool draft-day stuff. You, the Giants fan, will be able to watch Tom Coughlin and Jerry Reese and John Mara interact as they mull over picks and potential moves. If you're caught up in the draft, it's fun visual drama.

We are a little less than 60 hours away from the start of the draft now, and in the next few days we'll load you up with content. We will have a live mock draft today at 1 p.m. ET on ESPN.com in which each of our NFL team reporters makes the pick for his or her team. Todd McShay's latest mock draft is here, in which the Giants take a defensive player this time. It's all draft all the time, folks, and we are gearing up.